"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
                                                             ~ Mohandas Gandhi 

Common Ground Worldwide is a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to:

promoting world peace by bringing together people of diverse cultures, religions, backgrounds, and viewpoints

providing interfaith spiritual support to those in need

 engaging in both local and global humanitarian outreach efforts

Our newest project...
Common Ground Community Garden
We plan to create an urban public garden and free community gathering space in Paso Robles, California.  The garden will offer:
  • opportunities for people to grow food and learn skills for self-sufficiency and health/wellbeing in an urban setting
  • space for personal tranquility, group gatherings, workshops, meetings, events, etc.
  • nonviolent communication training, third-party mediation, and group conflict resolution circles
Community members will be welcome to come to the garden for fresh produce, solace and rejuvenation, positive social interaction, and support with resolving disputes nonviolently.  Volunteer mediators will be available on-site to offer support in working through conflict and healing relationships.
The garden will also serve as a place where people may offer other services, gatherings, and projects of their own.  This will be a "canvas" on which the local community can paint its own visions!
All offerings at Common Ground will be donation-based, making the garden accessible to all people regardless of socioeconomic status.
The original Common Ground Garden in Paso Robles, CA may serve as a prototype and catalyst for a new global movement in which every town and city someday has a similar garden: a public place where all are welcome, where food is grown and freely shared, and where people can get help addressing conflicts without violence.

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