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Common Ground Worldwide is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, 

bringing together people from diverse 

backgrounds, to pursue: 


spiritual growth



humanitarian service


care of the Earth

River Road Farm


Common Ground Worldwide operates a therapeutic a community farm in San Miguel, CA, which provides uplifting and educational opportunities for local participants, particularly those in times of hardship or transition. The farm supplies fresh produce to its harvest program members, as well as to local food pantries and other nonprofits, while also empowering people to gain job experience, new skills, and meaningful work in a therapeutic outdoor setting.

River Road Farm is a first step toward our bigger vision of creating a full-fledged community farm and microhousing community of people who have lost their homes and are rebuilding their lives from the ground up, as well as those who wish to downsize and pursue a life of simplicity and service.

Please contact us to visit the farm, to sign up for a weekly subscription of fresh vegetables, or to learn more about getting involved!

Community Allies: 

a new project in development

The basic concept is simple :  A person going through difficult times gets paired with a volunteer ally. The two meet on a regular basis to check in, share how things are going, and strategize about next steps for moving forward.  Allies do not provide financial or material support, but do offer intangible support like a listening ear, logistical assistance, and knowledge of opportunities and resources that might be helpful. Unlike case workers, allies are just ordinary community members--- people who want to partner with neighbors who are going through rough times, so that they don’t have to navigate it alone.

We invite you to contact us to request an ally, to learn more about volunteering, or to help develop this new program.

Community Garden

Established by local community members in 2009 as a model for how to convert a lawn into a water-saving edible landscape, this garden provides an opportunity for people of all walks of life to work together and to gain skills in drought-tolerant landscaping and small-scale backyard food production.  

Everyone is welcome to participate in the garden, regardless of previous experience, age, cultural background, language, etc.  This is a place where meaningful connections and unexpected friendships often take root! We offer free tours and workshops to youth programs and other local groups, and provide a source of fresh produce for our volunteers and for local food pantries serving those in need. 

The garden is open to the public on Monday afternoons 3 - 5:30 PM, occasional Saturdays, and by appointment.  We invite you to come visit, have a look around, and get your hands dirty!